Special Interests

Dr. Alex takes special interest in Sports Medicine, Joint Preservation, injury prevention, arthroscopic management of shoulder, elbow, hip and knee disorders, pediatric and adolescent sports injuries and general orthopaedics.

Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon

Alexander K. Meininger MD, a Board Certified Sports Medicine Fellowship trained Orthopaedic Surgeon, is a Denver native and joined Steamboat Orthopaedic Associates, P.C. in 2013. His clinical experience includes arthroscopic reconstruction of complex knee, hip, shoulder and elbow disorders with special interest in knee surgery.

Sports Medicine

Dr. Alex can help keep you and your team in the competition. Sports injuries do occur but having a doctor in your corner will help you get back healthier and faster.

Quality Orthopaedic Care

Get quality orthopaedic care for your joint and bone injuries, including Sports injuries and everyday aches and pains for patients of all ages.

What Our Clients Say

Dr. M is my knee doc. He was GREAT!! My knee surgery turned out Perfect!! your in good hands with Dr. Meininger and Staff. I’m very happy looking forward to great hikes this fall. Thanks to all the staff at PT too!! ūüôā

– K.S., avid hiker, BLM Staff

Wow! went to the Doc for my knee yesterday and must say I have never had a better visit! Dr. Meininger was kind but professional, listened to my questions and answered them as best as he was able, made me feel that there was hope for my poor knee and called for an MRI to look at the soft tissues. His staff was fabulous, attentive, and smiled! No grumpy secretaries, assistants etc. in that office! They are taking care to check with my insurance, set up the MRI and making sure I get the best care possible. I didn’t feel belittled because of my weight, the cause of my injury or told that I had arthritis just “live with it”. Great visit, great people!

– S.S.

I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!¬†Doc was completely pleased with my progress so far! Only need to do 1 more week of PT and then taking baby steps, should be able to ride in the corral in two weeks! ¬†Lifting as tolerated, building up to full work in 3 weeks as tolerated. Be gentle with myself, but don’t be a baby about it! He complemented me on my physical health, saying I was in great shape! I love Dr. Meininger! Will recommend him to any and all. Thanks kids for helping

– S.S. avid horseback rider

Comments? ¬†Like How cool it was that we did the surgery right away… how great I felt the next day… how the staff was soooo nice… how I feel great now! Thanks again.


– Dr. C.M., Dentist

My experience exceeded expectations, and I would not hesitate to recommend, or return to Dr. Alexander Meininger.

– C.O., retired, Aspen, CO

In January of 2012 I had an accident while operating a table saw.¬† Part of my index finger was severed, I had cut through the bone and both tendons of my middle finger, and also had a significant wound to my thumb. ¬† Dr. Meininger stayed up half the night successfully repairing my middle finger and micro-stitching my other wounds.¬† I was fortunate to have him as my physician and highly recommend him as he is knowledgeable, meticulous, and thorough.¬† On top of that, he is a fine human being, and a caring Doctor with an excellent “bedside manner”.

– J.C., woodworker, musician

I suffered a ruptured right ACL and a partially torn left MCL while skiing in Steamboat. Dr Alex performed surgery a few days after the accident and had me ready to fly back to my home in Budapest, Hungary, a few days later. While a layperson is unable to judge the surgical competence of a doctor, the patient can make a judgment based on the doctor‚Äôs ‚Äúbedside manner‚ÄĚ and the amount of post-operative pain. Dr Alex‚Äôs ‚Äúbedside manner‚ÄĚ was excellent ‚Äď before and after the surgery ‚Äď and there was little pain, despite the strain of a 20-hour trip to Budapest. I was particularly impressed that Dr Alex initiated contact with me just before my departure from Steamboat and again after my arrival in Budapest to assure that all was well. Upon my return to Budapest, my orthopedist there examined my injuries and the report and pictures provided by Dr Alex. My Hungarian doctor was so impressed that he remarked several times how well the procedure was done and asked that he be allowed to share the report and the pictures with his colleagues.

– Dr. Chrysta Ban, Budapest, Hungary

I’m really thankful for the assistance of Dr. Alex Meininger. Competition on the FIS Snowboard World Cup Tour is tough and with his help¬†I can be fit and strong,¬†week-in and week-out; which gives me the confidence to ride at my best. – J.H., ¬†Professional Snowboarder, Sydney, Australia.


Dr. Meininger,

I thought you would appreciate the news that 6 months after surgery to repair my broken tibial plateau, and 4 months off crutches (non-weight bearing) I just posted my personal best time running the Run Rabbit Run 50 mile ultra marathon race here in Steamboat Springs, CO. This achievement is a testament to your excellence in orthopaedic sports¬†medicine. I couldn’t have done it without you and your team. I am a fan for life! Care to take a run sometime¬†soon?!
 All the best,
John Williams

 Plateau1 Plateau2 Williams (2)


I’m 17 years old and I play many sports but my favorite is football, but this year I tore my ACL in the homecoming game on September 26, 2015. On November 16th I had my surgery, and it went great. I was in great hands. It was a long process to get back to playing sports, but Dr. Meininger and I had a great plan to get me there. Now I am cleared to participate in sports again. I want give a HUGE THANKS to Dr.Meininger and his staff for getting me back to my old self!

– R.M. 17yo - High School Varsity Football Team

Congratulations K.B.! 3rd place State Championship High Jumper! I couldn’t be more proud to be involved.

Kasey high jumpIMG_8519

Throughout both of my hip surgeries I felt no post-op pain. Dr. Meininger has made it possible to continue running and I can’t be more grateful. He is very thorough and is a great orthopedic surgeon. When I went through two recoveries without any pain, no one could believe it. Dr. Meininger made the surgery and recovery so easy and comfortable. Now, as I enter college, I am able to run without any pain.


– N.F. - competitive & recreational runner - arthroscopic repair of right & left acetabular labral tears.

I was very fortunate to have under gone reconstructive shoulder surgery by Dr. Alex Meininger. For me, my shoulder was a problem with recurring dislocations that I finally made the decision to repair. He takes a  practical approach to whether a person should undergo surgery. He took the time to explain physical rehabilitation versus reconstructive surgery and the advantages and disadvantages of both.  He went through the entire process from physical therapy for surgical preparation to recovery and and all the way through the postoperative rehabilitation.  He really took the time to answer questions and explain concerns.  He truly understands the active lifestyle so many Colorado residents live and incorporates this into his practice. I personally did a lot of research on my surgery and found comfort in the fact that the procedures and hardware he uses are the most advanced available. He spent a lot of time with me to diagnose what was going on, he partners with a skilled and compassionate staff of surgical nurses, clinic staff, Anesthesiologist and most of all Рhe truly partners with the patient to solve the problem. He showed a lot of compassion during my consultations, pre-operative time, and visited at the hospital after recovery.  I have also found him very responsive to questions since my surgery.  Now 15 months later I happy extremely happy with pain free nights, mountain bike ride and rounds of golf.  I would recommend his service to anyone.